May 1, 2015

Have You Seen The New Webseries 'Meals With Mary'? It's Hilarious!

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MEALS WITH MARY, an irreverent new cooking webseries, premieres February 25th, right here at! Tune in for deliciously easy recipes and wild and wacky antics, all led by the inimitable Mary Dolan - a bizarre lovechild between Dame Edna and Ina Garten. The 8-episode first season tracks the fabulous foul-mouthed ex-vaudeville star and her uptight co-host, a camera-shy chef named Ruby Parker, as they make delicious food and delectable drama. Led by their hapless producer Kaz, this unlikely trio battles through the ups and downs of making a cooking show, including near-fires, drunken fights, and a budding on-set romance between Kaz & Ruby. Through it all, Mary teaches them, and us, that cooking is not just about food, it's also about feelings.

Created by Satya Bhabha (NEW GIRL, KEY & PEELE) and Petey Gibson (TRANSPARENT), this hilarious & helpful new series brings us such episodes as ‘Get a Boyfriend, Make Him Lunch: Roast Beef Sandwich & Cheesy Kale Chips’ and ‘KimoNo You Didn’t: Soba Noodle Salad & Homemade Miso Soup.’ Director and co-writer Bhabha says “Creating Meals with Mary was an amazing process… even though Mary tried to ruin me at every turn.” Gibson agrees, “Yeah, Mary’s a real piece of work. The food was good, though.”

Ms. Dolan, ex-vaudevillian and a self-described “trifecta of song, dance, and very good looks”, couldn’t disagree more. “They were lucky to have me at all! I’ve cooked post-sex breakfast for Bing Crosby for Chrissakes!!”

April 24, 2015

'Open House' wins BEST COMEDY SHORT at WICF Film Night at The Brattle Theater

Carrie Barrett and Herbert Russell
Congratulations to Deb Hiett on winning Best Comedy Short at the 1st Annual WICF Film Night on Wednesday, April 22nd at The Brattle Theater.

About the film:
A twisted look at what happens when a house-hunting couple and a real estate agent have a truthful conversation (listening not required).
Watch it here: Open House

A little bit about Deb Hiett:
Deb Hiett
Writer/Actress/Accordionist Player Deb Hiett created short comedy films "Open House" (voted "Best Video Short" at iOWest's Funny Women LA Festival) and "A Bit of Counseling" (Audience Choice Award recipient in the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival, Palm Beach International Film Festival, and Over The Fence Film Festival). Deb's newest stage play "Holding" is a semifinalist in the 2015 Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference. In reviewing one of her original one-woman shows, New York City's Village Voice called her "the bold new voice in solo . . . a sure-shot writer." As an actress, Deb has appeared in "Arrested Development," "The Comeback," "Parks and Recreation," and "The Office," among many other shows, plays, commercials, and films, and was a founding member of the performance group "Orson Welk."

'Death, Taxes and Apple Juice' wins Audience Favorite at WICF Film Night at The Brattle Theater!

Hannah Perreault and Claire Dauge-Roth
Congratulations to Tamar Halpern on winning The Audience Award at the 1st Annual WICF Film Night on Wednesday, April 22nd at The Brattle Theater.

About the film:
Two little girls try to figure out the meaning of life while preparing their taxes and drinking chardonnay.

A little bit about Tamar:
Tamar Halpern
Tamar Halpern wrote and directed the feature Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life starring Mira Sorvino, Michael Urie and Joe Pantoliano. Previous features include Shelf Life, "a whip smart film" (Variety) starring Betsy Brandt of Breaking Bad and the Michael J. Fox Show, and the documentary, Llyn Foulkes One Man Band, which premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival and releases theatrically 2014-2015.

April 15, 2015

Love Funny Conversations? Check Out This New Web Series!

Web Series 'Conversations with Courtney' Has Its Host Talking With Famous Comedians On The Comedy Circuit

[Originally from Washington, D.C., Courtney Black is a sexy smarty with 2 Bachelor of Science degrees. But making people laugh is what this lady really has down to a science. The comedian shares her witty views on life, love, and adapting to the carefree ways of living in]

About the Web Series:

The perfectly imperfect Los Angeles based comedian Courtney Black has a new web series titled “Conversations with Courtney” releasing every Wednesday. Living in Los Angeles and being a fixture on the comedy circuit enables Courtney to run into some interesting & more-famous-than-herself individuals. The series is funny, informative, and honest. Let’s see who Courtney has a conversation with next!

Check Out Some of these 'Conversations with Courtney'

Hannaibal Buress

Tiffany Haddish

April 6, 2015

It's Here! The WICF 2015 Trailer featuring Jane Lynch, Lily Tomlin and Cristela Alonzo

The WICF 2015 trailer, featuring headliners - Jane Lynch, Lily Tomlin, Cristela Alonzo, Aparna Nancherla, Kevin Allison, Sue Costello and Mary Mack!

Watch it! Share it! See it!  WICF 2015 Trailer

A BIG Thank you to the fabulous creative team behind our new trailer!

Directed and Edited 
Brad Braufman

'WICF Jingle' written and performed by Phoebe Nir & Bonnie Gleicher
"Night on Bald Mountain" by Modest Mussorgsky, performed by Skidmore College Orchestra

"Deniers" image -- derived from photo "242" by Jessica Smalley
"Drama Queens" image -- derived from photo "graphite charge" by Caitlin Worthington

March 23, 2015


Women In Comedy Getting Preggers

By Michelle Slonim, WICF Guest Blog Contributor

[Michelle Slonim is a NYC based comic and member of the Friars Club]

There are less than 20 female comedians that perform regularly in 'A' room comedy clubs in New York City. That’s not a lot, but considering the small amount of female comedians there are in general, that is a pretty good percentage. I felt like, wait a minute, maybe if I get really good at this, I could have a shot at becoming a headliner. When I was acting, white females were a dime a dozen. Now with the proper skills, as a standup comedian I could be a hot commodity.

But, there is a reason that there aren’t that many female comedians. One of the issues is having children and a family. Many of the female comedians who are headliners don’t have kids. I could see myself performing while pregnant, I already have my opening line. I look at a guy in the audience and say “no, it’s not yours”. Is getting pregnant worth one joke? Practically speaking, I could still perform and get a part-time nanny (grandma) to babysit in the evenings. But I wouldn’t be raising my kids hands on.

Do I even want kids? If I keep working as hard as I have been then to “throw” it all away to raise children seems wasteful. I could just not have kids. That seems like a very viable option, but then everyone who has kids loves it more than anything.
These are complicated life questions. Standup comedy can be quite serious. If my one day potential future kids read this, I hope they're not pissed.

March 6, 2015

Let Me Tell You About The Tiny House Movement

The End of Materialism as 'We' Know It

By Libby Bakalar, WICF Guest Blog Contributor

[Libby is a lawyer-mommy-hobby-blogger based in Juneau, Alaska. When she's not working or blogging, she enjoys spending time with her two children and her husband, writer Geoff Kirsch. Follow her blog at]

So, I want to tell you about this new movement and this thing we're doing? It’s called "The Tiny House Movement." Have you heard of it? It’s where you get rid of all your shit and replace it with self-righteousness and a few well-appointed, high-end amenities like a composting stainless steel toilet and a designer loft bed made from hemp for your tiny, fit body to sleep on. You know, the body that runs exclusively on Bikram yoga and tiny, hand-thrown ceramic mugs of unpasteurized unicorn milk?

See, and I don't know if you were aware of this, but self-righteousness actually has no adverse environmental impact and takes up no room at all! It's one of the most sustainable lifestyles you can have. That’s one of the many very awesome things about The Tiny House Movement. Also, it's called a "movement," so you know it's progressive and something you want to get into before everyone else does and makes it lame. That's the very definition of a movement.

Yeah, I know I join a movement every single morning with my composting toilet, but this is a different kind of movement. A really special movement. A movement that somehow managed to keep all the insufferable parts of being a hippie and ditch all the fun parts like smoking shit tons of weed, dropping acid, listening to good music, boning in the back of a Winnebago, and being poor.

The other cool thing about The Tiny House Movement is how proud and superior I feel about living in a 500 square foot sustainable cedar-bark yurt with solar panels and a Peruvian guinea pig farm. Because, like, superiority and pride take up even less room than self-righteousness and are also very sustainable! See, like, the Peruvian guinea pigs run around in these little Carbonite wheels? And they harness the energy that fuels our two LED light bulbs? We feed them chard that we grow in our garden and then we use their dung to fertilize our marigold border.

I used to be JUST like you. Sad, bedraggled, unenlightened, tired-looking, and burdened by possessions. Like 89 bath towels from Bed, Bath, N’ Beyond; a Cuisinart ice cream maker you use once a year; sixteen candle sticks your great-grandma gave you; and a PlaySkool jumperoo for my baby. Now my baby is attached to my body at all times in a 500-thread-count ultra-soft organic cotton wrap, so we don’t need any of those unsustainable swings and bouncers and other crap The Establishment wants you to buy for your baby and that will never fit in our Tiny House.

Goodbye to all that!
Photo by Country Living

We left all that behind long ago when we joined The Tiny House Movement. Now we have one cast iron pan; one hammered-copper skillet; a single fork, spoon, and knife; all of the amenities I mentioned above; plus the guinea pigs; the marigolds; and oh wait--I almost forgt--this chair from Pier One Imports that you see in the picture below. Haha. We weren't ready to give that up! Also, a brand-new kayak and some other stuff from REI that we store in a rack on the side of our Tiny House. Oh, and please excuse the state of our tiny front entryway: we've ordered a Tibetan prayer flag from Amazon Prime and it hasn't arrived yet. Something about not shipping to a P.O. Box.

Just one more tiny second. Here's the best part: it only cost us twice as much to get rid of all our shit as it did to accumulate it in the first place! Isn't that cool?

Bottom line, I feel really sorry for you that you're still living in the material world. So give me a call, or just feel free to stop by anytime with a nice, robust pinot noir if you want to chat about how you too can join this growing movement.